THE SWING 40 for the Week of 1/22/2023

I tried to add some faster names and took off some names I still really think look good but just move a little bit slower. New additions in green. Can see the AI/semi names led the way (SMCI AMD NVDA MRVL VRT). Lots of nice/new younger names potentially pushing Stage 1 bases. GTLB SNOW IOT DUOL CAVA ESTC UBER PRCT. Removed CELH for getting sold hard and FRSH as seems weaker. It is right down into the 50SMA here but took off.

Last Week (1/15/2023) (Red Names Replaced)

Swing 40 with big outperformance last week with the QQQ putting in another huge week and leading the markets. Small caps did not do much but we held that support so if those could follow through it would be great for the markets as a whole.