Meet Oliver Kell

First introduced to markets by his father, a career market maker on the Pacific Exchange, Oliver won the 2020 U.S. Investing Championship with a 941% annualized return. His strategy is based on the CAN SLIM method made famous by the legendary William O’Neil. He is also influenced by the likes of Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Richard Wyckoff and many of the great investors throughout history.

Oliver started as a day trader off the Level 2 screen, worked at a hedge fund employing complex international arbitrage strategies and then went on to execute for large institutional clients at BTIG. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge across all likes of the capital markets and with these experiences has put his own spin on the CAN SLIM method of investing.

His approach is simple, easy to understand and can be learned by anyone willing to put in the work. Having been through many ups and downs building his account entirely with his own capital, Oliver is all about the little guy taking on Wall Street, and winning. He wants every individual investor to be empowered with the knowledge to put up big returns and accomplish their GOALS!

Oliver trades full time. He lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife Margaux and they welcomed their first child in April 2021.

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