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Dive into our bi-weekly reports to uncover fresh perspectives and hidden trade opportunities. Discover the real potential of the markets with our expert analysis.

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Join our live webinars to see the strategies in action. Learn directly from Oliver Kell and fine-tune your trading approach with professional guidance.

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Benefit from Oliver's record-setting returns. Follow the footsteps of a top performer with a proven track record of success to elevate your trades from good to great.

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3 Killers Of High-Performance Trading


Missed Opportunities

Stay ahead with pinpoint alerts on emerging movers to capture every golden chance.


Information Overload

Cut through the noise with curated insights that spotlight what truly matters.


Market Timing Challenges

Synchronize your trades with market rotation to maximize your profit potential.

What could you achieve in one year inside the mind of a US Investing Champion?

  • Find Winning Trades

The Swing Report equips you with champion-grade ideas regardless if the market is up or down. High-probability trades are your new norm.

  • Streamline Your Analysis

Simplify your decision-making. Cut through the clutter and access distilled, high-impact trade insights that align with a champion’s perspective.

  • Sharpen Your Trading Instincts

Make confident trades by tapping into the wisdom that helped Oliver claim his championship title.

US Investing Championship 2020

2x the returns of his closest competitor!


  • Oliver Kell +941.1%

2. Tomas Claro +497%
3. Ryan Pierpont +448.4%
4. Matthew Caruso +346%
5. Shahid Saleem +322%
6. Anish Sikri +209.6%

Why Oliver Kell?

Oliver Kell soared to the top of the trading world with a 941% return, winning the 2020 U.S. Investing Championship. His record-setting performance reflects a deep expertise honed over years of active trading.

From his early days to becoming a champion, Oliver has mastered the markets with strategies that work in uptrends and downtrends alike. It's this expertise that Oliver brings directly to you through The Swing Report. Here, he breaks down his winning tactics into actionable insights that empower you to trade with confidence.

How The Swing Report Elevates Your Trading Game



Champion Level Insights

Two comprehensive reports delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Find Winning Trades

Get clear insights on big market trends to make smart moves for the week.

  • Stock Selection

Access Oliver Kell's highest potential stocks and seize opportunities up or down.

Exclusive Access

Interactive sessions that bring clarity and conviction to your trades.

  • Interactive Q&A Sessions

Once a month, you connect live with Oliver. It's your opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain clarity.

  • Special Webinars at Critical Moments

When the market reaches a pivotal turning point, you won’t be left guessing.

Bonus: TSLA Trade Walkthrough

Watch as Oliver Kell walks you through his biggest trade with Tesla (TSLA) that helped him win the 2020 US Investing Championship with a record-breaking 941% gain.

Bonus: Screening Guide

13 page e-book that covers the exact scans Oliver is running to consistently find his ideas with a 40 minute video walkthrough.

Bonus: Market Cycle Mastery

Discover how to effectively time the market using Oliver’s methodology. Gain insights from the complete 1st webinar of the Swing Trading Masterclass.

Bonus: Screening Guide

82 page e-book that covers the strategy and tactics of the 2020 U.S. Investing Champion.

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What's Included?

  • The Swing Report every Wednesday & Sunday
  • Monthly Interactive Webinars
  • Extra Reports & Webinars at Key Turning Points
  • BONUS: TSLA Trade Walkthrough
  • BONUS: Swing Trading Masterclass Webinar 1 – Market Cycle Mastery
  • BONUS: Victory In Trading 82 Page Ebook
  • BONUS: Screening Guide Ebook & Video Walkthrough